We are Tunnel Guru Authorized Reseller in INDIA and Worldwide.

We Sell Tunnel Guru Premium VPN Voucher Codes in INDIA and Worldwide at a affordable rates. 

Contact : pdproxyind@gmail.com

[Unlimited 1 Month]

4 $    (1 Voucher) - Rs.200/-

3.5 $ (10 Voucher's) - Rs.170/- per VC

2.5 $    (25 Voucher's) - Rs.140/- per VC

Benefits of Using TunnelGuru

 Fast HTTP(S) Tunnel , VPN Tunnel Proxy.
ICMP Tunnel ,DNS Tunnel ,Web Proxy.
Bypass Restrictive Firewall.
Full Blown Speed , Value for Money.
Secure/Hide your Internet presence

How It Works

    It creates a hole in Firewall and let your connection travel through it. It also makes your connection secure.